Homes in Europe equipped with solar panels
Increasingly, home owners in Europe -- Germany, Spain and Italy, in particular -- are mounting photovoltaic (solar electric) panels on their roofs in order to take advantage of generous, long-term purchase agreements. Because of its aggressive renewable energy policies, Germany currently consumes half of the world's production of solar electric panels.

Renewable Energy: Greener In More Ways Than One

MP3 audio from the seventh annual CleanEdge/Nth Power green energy investment briefing

By EV World

What you are about to hear is the audio from CleanEdge.Com's seventh annual clean-tech investment briefing. Ron Pernick and Joel Makower have been holding this briefing every year since the launch of their business in 2000.

And every year, they have seen continuing growth in the " clean tech" arena, which in 2000 represented annual sales of less than $7 billion for both solar PV and wind. In the six intervening years, the market for these two technologies is now $30 billion annually.

Renewable energy has become big business finally. GE's wind turbine unit alone now does more than $3 billion in sales annually. Japanese electronics maker, Sharp, is now taking in more than $1 billion annually in PV sales.

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Driven by a convergence of forces that are discussed during this 22-minute press conference call recorded earlier this month, wind and solar aren't the only businesses experiencing growth. Biofuels are also enjoying dramatic expansion, propelled by high petroleum prices and strong political support. CleanEdge sees the present $13 billion market growing to $50 billion by 2016.

Presenting with Pernick was Rodrigo Prudencio, a principal with Nth Power, whose firm has been tracking the "green" energy sector for some 15 years. He noted that the biggest trend in 2006 was that venture capital was being pumped into infrastructure: bricks and mortar, a clear sign the industry is starting to mature, but also a possible signal that VCs may becoming a bit more risk-averse, preferring to invest in tangibles like buildings and equipment than ideas and intellectual property.

To listen to the entire conference call, use either of the two MP3 players at the top of the page or download the 5.1 MB MP3 file to your computer hard drive for playback on your favorite MP3 device.

EV World extends its thanks to CleanEdge for allowing us to participate in their presentation and to share it with our readers/listeners.

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Published: 22-Mar-2007


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