Line up of G-Wiz electric cars in London
The little G-Wiz electric car is well suited for its mission of providing affordable, clean, quiet mobility in the crowded confines of inner London where the average speed is that of bicycle.

G-Wiz Cheek

UK's Fifth Gear lampoons Going Green's G-Wiz electric car

By EV World

Okay, the G-Wiz isn't an Aston Martin. It's a re-badged Reva electric car manufactured in Bangalore, India.

Its mission isn't to enable James Bond to elude terrorists bent on the destruction of the planet, but to fight global warming, traffic congestion, air and noise pollution all the while paying for itself in a year's time. At £6,999 ($14,000US) for the DC motor version, Going Green, the company that sells and leases the car in England, calculates the car could save a Londoner as much as £8000 annually.

Admittedly, the car has its shortcomings: top speed is 40 mph, range is about 40 miles, space is limited two adults and two very small children (and that's a squeeze) as you'll see in this obliquely complementary YouTube video produced by Channel 5's Fifth Gear program in the UK.

The Going Green web site lists a host of perks for cars like the G-Wiz:

Given these perks, it's little wonder why not only 850 people are operating the little electric car in and around London, but even the cheeky Fifth Gear presenter and G-Wiz test driver Tim Lovejoy considered ordering one. Vicki Butler-Henderson is the co-host in the video.

Full vehicle specifications for both the DC drive and AC drive models.

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Published: 24-Apr-2007


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