Jim Woolsey and Andy Frank with CalCars Plug-in Hybrid
GM worker hoisting battery pack for Chevy Volt EREV at Brownstown plant outside of Detroit.

Hippy Gourmet Plugs In

YouTube video featuring CalCars Felix Kramer and his plug-in hybrid

By Bill Moore

The last place you'd expect to hear about plug-in hybrid cars would be a cooking show, but this is California where they take food as seriously as they do their cars.

So, it shouldn't be a surprise that California-based Hippy Gourmet, which bills itself as a "mellow and Zen-like cooking series that captures all the fun and fashion of a multi-cultural and generational phenomenon [that is] the Haight-Ashbury of San Francisco", should feature fellow Bay-area resident, Felix Kramer, the founder of CalCars. No, he doesn't cook quiche on the hood of his Toyota Prius as you'll see from the fun YouTube video below.

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Published: 02-Jul-2007


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