Oaktec's Honda Insight in UK road rally
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One Lean, Very Green Road Rally Machine

Oaktec's Paul Andrews shares his firm's experiences with adapting the Honda Insight to European rally racing in this exclusive MP3 podcast.

By EV World

Oaktec's lime-green Honda Insight is so clean that it nearly failed its latest emission tests in Britain. No other racing rally car in Britain can make that claim.

That's how Paul Andrews, the co-owner of Insight, began his presentation to the annual eco-drive conference at ProDrive's test facility in Kenilworth at the conference.

He explained that the modified, E-85 ethanol-burning rally car emits so little pollution that the garage thought their emissions testing machine was broken That's clearly a tribute to both Honda and the Oaktec boys.

Andrews account of why and how he and his partner decided to campaign the Insight is a fascinating one that EV World's trusty UK correspondents captured for us digitally. Though the hand-held video wasn't of much value, the audio was more useful, so we decided to share it with our subscribers. While not first rate quality, it does convey the essence of what Oaktec is seeking to accomplish, which is to introduce more environmentally-responsible automotive technology into the UK racing scene.

The proof of the competitiveness of Oaktec's gutsy little Insight was demonstrated at Millbrook just weeks before the Kenilworth conference. There the car came in 27th overall out of 54 cars in the rally and finished ahead of the 14 of the larger, more powerful 1400 cc cars in the race.

"This car has gone from being this ultra-green, ultra-efficient road car to a very effective motor sport car."

The team's efforts are about to be rewarded as Honda in the UK now wants to work with them to develop a rally version of the Civic Hybrid.

To listen to Paul Andrews complete remarks, which last 20-minutes, use either of the two MP3 players at the top of the page. You may also download the file to your computer hard drive for transfer to your favorite portable MP3 device.

A special thank you to Richard Harding for recording this event for EV World.

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Published: 09-Jul-2007


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