Scott Pollacheck drives the Killacycle electric motorcycle dragster
The city of Tehran introduced its Bus Rapid Transit system in 2008, following the successes of the original BRT system in Curitiba, Brazil. Photo credit: Tehran Daily.

The 3G Electric Motorcycle

EV World video of the Killacycle electric motorcycle at the 3rd Wayland Invitational in Portland, Oregon

By EV World

It's one thing to read about Bill Dube's amazing Killacycle electric motorcycle dragster, it's quite another to stand just feet from it and watch it explode off the grid and squeal down the track, leaving only the smell of singed rubber behind.

Of course, things don't always go as smoothly as we'd wish. With Scotty Pollacheck astride the massive 'cordless drill' -- as Bill Dube put it -- the first run down the track had to be aborted when Pollacheck spun the rear tire off the rim during the warm-up. It has that much torque. It was back to the staging area for repairs, but not long afterwards, he rolled out for another try and the video below documents that ride.

EV World wasn't the only organization video taping the event. There were cameras everywhere, many purported to be from some four different television and documentary production groups, so you're bound to find lots of other footage of Killacycle on YouTube and elsewhere.

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Published: 09-Aug-2007


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