Converted Honda Rebel 250 electric motorcycle

Born Again Honda Rebel

Gomi Style YouTube video demonstrates how to do relatively simple conversion of Honda motorcycle to electric.

By EV World

Gomi is Japanese for trash. And in the eyes of performing artist Marque Cornblatt, who is a co-founder of San Francisco's The Gomi School, it refers to the reuse of discarded materials and it is around this concept that he created Gomi Style, a locally-produced television series that takes cast-offs and puts them to reuse.

In this context, Cornblatt and his fellow Bay Area Gomi no sensei -- Masters of Junk -- artists take a derelict Honda Rebel 250 motorcycle and convert it to electric drive, demonstrating how simple the process can be with the right skills, tools and hardware. The entire process took just a week.

Plans to do similar conversions are available from Coloradoan, John Bidwell. You can listen to our May, 2006 interview with him at Revenge of the Electric Ninja.

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Published: 05-Nov-2007


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