iZip Express electric bike

iZip's New Electric Express

EV World video gets its first glimpse of Currie Technologies' new iZip Express electric bicycle.

By EV World

Currie Technologies is one of the pioneers in the electric bicycle business, having manufactured and sold millions of dollars worth of battery-powered bicycles over the last decade or more. Marketing its own line of products through the iZip name, the company that is now run by Larry Pizzi continues to refine and upgrade its line of electric bike; the newest being its Express model, which is the subject of this video interview.

Recorded last month at the 2007 AltCar Expo in Santa Monica, Steve Marshall talks about the 36-volt Express and its unique drive system. Instead of the usual thumb throttle found on most electric bikes, the Express incorporates a special torque sensor that applies power as the rider needs it through its belt drive.


EV World's publisher, Bill Moore, was able to take the Express for a short ride and found it one of the most intuitive drive systems he's ridden. Though still not as quiet as the now-defunct Tidal Force M750, he reports that the sensor system on the Express makes peddling the bike a pleasure; the harder you pedal, the more power the motor supplies. Instead of the usual electric hub motor, the Express' 750 watt motor is mounted on the frame. He observed that this would be a excellent choice for anyone looking for a truly transparent electric bicycle riding experience.

The company still needs to work out some technical issues, like the belt slipping when the rider stands up to pedal hard. Marshall commented off-camera that they are aware of the problem and are working on a fix before going into production, which should start in early 2008. The bike will sell for $2000.

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Published: 27-Nov-2007


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