Authors including Rep. Jay Inslee,David Magee,S. David Freeman and David Sandalow
Panel authors are from left to right: David Sandalow, David Magee, Rep. Jay Inslee, David Freeman.

Seeking Apollo's Fire

Quartet of authors participate in panel at EVS 23 in Anaheim, California

By Bill Moore

They almost decided against holding the panel.

The Author's Panel had been moved from the noon hour to late in the afternoon when the attendees to the 23rd Electric Vehicle Symposium, as well as the visiting public, had either headed home or where preoccupied by the prospects of driving million dollar prototype fuel cell cars or zippy electric motor scooters. Only a handful of people sat scattered among the hundreds of chairs set up for the occasion. "Who Killed the Electric Car?" diva Chelsea Sexton offered the panel the opportunity to back out and for a moment the fate of the event hung in the balance.

I think is was David Magee, the author of "How Toyota Became #1" who volunteered to go on with the event. The other three quickly agreed and after much delay, fortunately for EV World listeners, the event got underway.

Why "fortunately"? Because it gave me just enough time to set up an audio feed from the public address system and plug it into my digital micro recorder, allowing me to capture the hour and ten minute event, during the first half of which Magee, Congressman Jay Inslee, David Freeman and David Sandalow prefaced their books. The second half of the event is an audience Q&A session. The improvised nature of the recording will be obvious in the quality of the 16.3MB MP3 audio file, which you can listen to using either of the two players at the top of the page or by downloading the file to your computer hard drive for transfer to and playback on your favorite MP3 device.

Perhaps the most intriguing question came from a handicapped lady in the audience at the 1:00 mark. She asked, through her companion, who she should vote for in the upcoming US presidential election and the answers of each author may surprise you.

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Finally, if you haven't already done so, be sure to listen to my interview this past September with David Freeman, entitled, "Winning Our Energy Independence." It too is available in MP3 and is an Open Access article.

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Published: 07-Dec-2007


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