Electric Cars line up for Nobel Peace Prize recipients in Oslo, Norway
Some of the estimated 60 electric cars that staged in three rows across the street from Oslo's Karl Johansgate Grand Hotel where Nobel Peace Prize winners Al Gore and Rajendra Pachaur and their families stayed. Most are Norwegian-built Kewet Buddys, along with Th!nk city, Revas, Peugeots and even a RAV4 EV (lower left). The black van on the left is the one used by the Nobel laureates.

A Nobel Electric Car Parade

Norwegian electric car owners turn out to honor Nobel Peace Prize winners Al Gore and Rajendra Pachaur.

By EV World

Earlier this month, the World's attention was focused on Oslo, Norway where former-U.S. Vice President Al Gore and IPCC chairman Rajendra Pachaur received the Nobel Prize for Peace. To honor the laureates for their landmark work global warming, the 1200+ member Norstart electric car owner's association in Norway organized an all-EV parade on December 10,2007 that wound through the streets of the capital, culminating at the Karl Johansgate Grand Hotel, where the dignitaries were staying.

According to Hans HÃ¥vard Kvisle at Elbil Norge, the manufacturers of the Kewet Buddy, it was quite impressive to see so many electric vehicles, most of them built by his firm, on display as the dignitaries left the hotel, which is captured on the video below. Interestingly, when Mr. Gore was asked about all the EVs across the street, he commented that he'd seen them from his hotel window, at which point he and the rest of his party were driven off in a van, along with their security escort.

In the case of the Kewet Buddy, which is currently in its sixth generation, more than 1,000 have been sold since ElBil Norge bought the original Danish company and moved production to Norway. It is the most popular electric car in Norway where EVs are accorded special incentives. Despite its small size -- which is comparable to the Daimler SmartforTwo -- it can carry three adults and has ample storage for groceries or two cases of beer. (Why is beer always the measure of an EV's capacity?)

The zero-maintenance lead batteries have a capacity of 8.4 kWh that provides a driving range, depending on the time of year of between 50-100km. Optionally available lithium ion batteries extend this from 100-150km. Besides the Buddy, the company has a convertible model called the BuddyCab and is developing a small delivery van based on the same welded tubular steel frame. The car is only available in Norway, however.

To learn more about the Kewet Buddy and ElBil Norge, visit their web site.

Thanks to all the EV owners in Oslo who took time out of their work day to participate in this important, if under-reported event.

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Published: 18-Dec-2007


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