Tianjin Express Railway
The 45.5 km Tianjin Express Railway links the urban district of China's third largest city with the Binhai industrial development zone. Electrically-powered it reaches speeds up to 100 km/hr. A longer Beijing-Tianjin express railway is slated to be completed in 2008. Interestingly, the parallel automobile express way linking the two cities has already reached capacity and is also being expanded, not a promising trend.

The Art of Great Places

Peter Crowley, the founder of LandDesign, discusses the essence of sustainable community planning.

By EV World

Peter Crowley founded LandDesign in 1978 with the objective being to bring the character and ambiance of the small Georgia town he grew up in to the planning of cities and regions. A multi-disciplinary design firm, it is now introducing the principles its refined over the past 30 years to the development of livable communities in China and elsewhere.

In this presentation, delivered at the Meeting of the Minds conference in Oakland in September 2007, he discusses how his firm is introducing sustainable development concepts into projects it is working on in China from Tianjin to Suzhou to Wuhan, the site of an enormous, 73 million square feet "Software City."

He explains that what is important isn't how the project looks -- "whether it looks like a fish or a palm tree" from a helicopter -- but how it functions for the people on the ground. Does it promote positive interactions? In the case of the Wuhan software city, will it attract the "creative class", i.e. knowledge workers from around the country and the globe? In essence, it's about creating "great places."

You can listen to Crowley's presentation using either of the two MP3 players above, or by downloading it your computer for transfer to your favorite MP3 device.

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