HST Automotive Carroll Shelby Signature Cobra powered by electric drive.
HST Automotive's Carroll Shelby signature Cobra is propelled by a quiet, but powerful electric drive using a DC motor and lithium ion batteries. Its chassis is formed from light-weight carbon fiber composites at the company's fabrication plant in Tijuana, Mexico. Pictured is gasoline engine version.

HST's Electric Muscle Cars

Part one of video interview with HST Automotive's Randy Beck and Todd Boretto.

By EV World

Randy Beck's HST Automotive booth was drawing as many curious onlookers as the nearby Tesla Roadster, and for good reason. When you have two legendary icons of automotive history -- the Carroll Shelby 427 Cobra and a Ronaele Ford Mustang -- both sporting electric drives systems, powered by lithium ion batteries, you tend to attract a crowd.

And not only admiring tire kickers, but actual paying customers, according to HST Automotive's Todd Boretto, who informed EV World's publisher that by the third day of the 23rd Electric Vehicle Symposium held last December, the company had taken eight orders on their electric-powered Cobra.

In the accompanying video below, both Beck, who is the company founder and CEO, and Boretto talk about their venture into the world of high-performance, street-legal electric muscle cars.

In a follow-up video, EV World talks with both Ronaele's Ed Monfort and and SSI Racing's Michael Kadie about the technical aspects of these two alluring -- and now very green -- automotive icons.

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Published: 20-Feb-2008


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