Ronaele Mustang 300EV is high-performance electric muscle car.
The Ronaele Mustang 300EV sports a 300 hp electric drive train with 1,000 pounds of torque. For around $80,000 the company will convert any 2005-2008 Ford Mustang, replacing its gasoline-engine components, including its transmission. The finished package actually ends up weighing less than the original and has better weight distribution.

Juiced Up: Electric Muscle Cars Arrive

Video interview with Ronaele Mustang's Ed Monfort and SSI Racing's Michael Kadie.

By EV World

It takes a lot of horsepower to move a Mustang from zero-to-60 in less than 4 seconds. You have to either hang a big bore, nitro-fueled engine and heavy-duty drive train to manage it... or you can drop a compact, high torque electric motor under the hood.

That's precisely what Ronaele Mustang does with its 300EV, an electric drive option to go along with its stable of gasoline engine muscle cars that includes a 700 hp monster machine, as explained by company president Ed Monfort in this exclusive follow-on interview to the earlier one with HST Automotive executives Randy Beck and Todd Boretto.

Along with Monfort is Michael "T-Rex" Kadie, who runs SSI Racing. Having cut his EV teeth by developing his own kit-car replica of a Shelby Cobra Daytona Coupe, Kadie will be installing the 300 hp electric drive system in HST Automotive's signature Carroll Shelby Cobra 427s.

Both vehicles demonstrate the feasibility of offering fun, fast performance cars that can also be environmentally-responsible. Of course, all that power and finesse comes at a price. Expect to lay out US$100,000 for the privilege. HST Automotive is now taking orders for both cars.

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Published: 21-Feb-2008


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