GM Volt Executive, Frank Weber
Frank Weber, GM's Global Vehicle Line Executive for the Chevrolet Volt and E-Flex programs, poses with prototype concept car that he is charged with developing into a cutting-edge, extended-range production electric car.

Exclusive: Chevy Volt Progress Briefing

EV World alone records the introductory briefing by Frank Weber and Johan Willems during the April 3, 2008 press tour.

By EV World

Frank Weber, GM's Global Vehicle Line Executive for the Chevrolet Volt and E-Flex programs, and his colleague Johan Willems, addressed some 80 international automotive and environmental journalists prior to the formal tour of General Motor's product development facilities in Warren, Michigan.

Referring to the all-day tour that would follow, Weber called it a "cross-section" of a work in progress. He stressed that there had been no special arrangements made, other than to camouflage and cover sensitive aspects of the program like 1/3 scale wind tunnel model of Volt captured in this GM-sanctioned "spy photo" taken sometime during the tour.

In this 15-minute presentation, which EV World alone recorded, you get a very clear sense of the excitement and determination of Weber and Willems, who is GM's global director for advanced propulsion and environmental communications. Weber, especially, stressed that he wanted to make sure that no-one again referred to the Volt as merely a "concept." It is, in his words, GM's top priority program and the unprecedented access that GM was about to give us, was meant to underscore that commitment.

You can listen to the entire presentation using either of the two MP3 players above or by downloading the file to our computer for transfer to and playback on your favorite MP3 device.

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Published: 10-Apr-2008


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