Fremont High School electric car A51 at 2008 OPPD/NPPD PowerDrive
Fremont, Nebraska high school team car A51 won the best paint finish. It also was quick and agile, as are many of the cars in the Advanced class, which are capable of running faster than 30 mph for the hour long endurance race.

Ten Years of PowerDriving On

Video interview with OPPD Spokesperson Gary Williams about the 2008 PowerDrive program.

By EV World

The little electric racers teams of Nebraska high school students design, build and race every year for the last decade may not be the cars of the future, but they point the way to a more sustainable form of mobility.

Nearly sixty cars competed in the May 3rd OPPD/NPPD PowerDrive electric car championships, held at Mid-American Motorplex some 16 miles southeast of Omaha, across the Missouri River near Pacific Junction, Iowa, Running in two heats, the cars must complete as many laps as possible in sixty minutes time over a twisting road course that is more than a mile in length.

The last in a series of eight scheduled competitions across the state, dozens of teams came from as far away as North Platte, Nebraska to pit their student-built cars against each other in a competition that includes design, safety, handling, teamwork, speed and endurance.

The PowerDrive was created by Omaha Public Power District ten years ago this year at the instigation of EV World's publisher, Bill Moore. The following year, Nebraska Public Power District joined the program and very quickly it grew from its original twelve cars. In the following video, Gary Williams talks about the program and its payoff for both the hundreds of students who have participated over the decade and for the utilities themselves.

To learn more about the OPPD/NPPD PowerDrive, see the OPPD web site.

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Published: 08-May-2008


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