Sonex Waiev will soon fly on electric power only
The Sonex Waiev will serve as the test bed for the company's internally developed all-electric power plant that includes a proprietary-built motor, controller and lithium polymer battery pack.

Sonex Moves Closer to Electric Flight

Sonex founder John Monnet explains the workings of his company's soon-to-fly all-electric aircraft power plant.

By EV World

Experimental/homebuilt aircraft manufacturer Sonex is developing its own battery-powered electric airplane, creating a powerful proprietary motor, controller and lithium battery power plant that develops the same thrust as its conventional gasoline engine. [See also Towards the 100 MPG Airplane]

Revealed for the first time at the 2007 EAA AirVenture fly-in at Oshkosh, Wisconsin, the company continues to make steady progress on their power plant, recently beginning load tests on their electric motor. They report on their web site that their battery pack is slated to be delivered this Spring.

AvWeb visited the Sonex facility and recorded the following demonstration of the company's e-Flight Initiative by company founder John Monnet.

According to the company's AeroConversions web site, the electric Waiev will have an initial top speed of 130 mph. Depending on its flight profile, its endurance will range from 25-45 minutes, "or longer."

More details of on the electric power plant are available on the company web site, including March 17, 2008 video of the first test runs of the 50lbs., 3 phase, 270 volt, 200 amp motor.

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Published: 09-May-2008


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