Alexandra Paul with Stefano Paris
Stefano Paris poses with Alexandra Paul during filming of his "Power of Electric" video clip promoting the idea of electric vehicles as not only clean, green means of mobility, but also are attractive to the ladies. Photos courtesy of Stefano Paris.

Electric Attraction

Turbo Guy discovers what attracts the ladies isn't raw horsepower, but kinder, gentler electrons.

By EV World

A study commission by General Motors for the Challenge X competition last year found women are more likely to talk to a man who drives a hybrid car than a sports car.

Using that premise as his underlying theme, California electric car enthusiast Stefano Paris enlisted the help of our mutual friend and actress Alexandra Paul to shoot a short video for Google Foundation's Why I Want to Drive A Plug-In campaign.

The result is a fun, two-minute short that includes Paris as the cool shades-wearing, Mitsubishi-driving 'Turbo Guy' and Gary Winterboer as "EV Guy" with his eco-friendly, if now-dated RAV4 EV.

As enjoyable as the clip is, Paris informed us here at EV World that Google refused to accept it into the competition because of its unlicensed use of its "Power of Love" theme music from the hit movie trilogy, "Back to the Future."

ADDENDUM: Apparently due to an earlier agreement between Google and Warner Brothers, which owns the label that produced "Power of Love", Google has now accepted this video for use in the conference this week, according to Stefano Paris.

So, if you plan to enter your own video, be sure you use a royalty free sound track or write your music.

Finally, as they were shooting the video, another EV owner stopped by to chat. Yes, that is actor/director Tom Hanks doing an unintended product placement for Coca-Cola... or was it?


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Published: 03-Jun-2008


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