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Electric cars will inevitably place demands on the power grid. Managing that demand is what GridPoint does. The result can be energy savings for the consumer and a more stable grid for the utility.

GridPoint's Smarter Grid

MP3 AUDIO: COO Karl Lewis briefs EV World on the benefits of smart grids, appliances and, yes, electric cars.

By EV World

Plug-in hybrids represent both an opportunity and a challenge for electric utility companies.

They promise a new revenue stream for under-utilized night-time capacity, but they also constitute a potentially significant new load that could, if not properly managed, strain the grid and force major investments in new distribution and generation capacity.

Finding a way to adapt to this new load, as well as how to better manage present demand, is becoming a priority for power companies -- and consumers. This is where D.C. area-based GridPoint comes into the picture. They are developing a suite of services and products to improve the load interface between the consumer and the utility.

The company recently made news when it collaborated with Duke Energy to manage the new power load of recharging a plug-in hybrid. [See: Plug-in Cars Won't Crash the Grid].

EV World spoke with GridPoint COO, Karl Lewis, about his company, its SmartGrid Platform, and his views on handling the burgeoning power load the eventual growth of plug-in hybrids and electric cars will create.

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Published: 18-Jun-2008


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