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Advanced Battery Market Review

Video report from ACG Advanced Automotive Battery Investment Summit

By Ralph Brodd

Just a week before U.S. Senator John McCain proposed a $300 million 'prize' for development of an affordable, long-live, light-weight advanced automotive battery, Dr. Ralph Brodd, the president of Broddarp of Nevada, Inc., spoke as the afternoon keynote speaker to more than 100 attendees at the ACG Advanced Automotive Battery Investment Summit.

Hosted by the Chicago chapter of ACG, the summit attracted investment bankers and venture capital fund managers interested in learning about the current state-of-the-art of battery technology that is aimed for use in electric, plug-in and hybrid vehicles. Ralph Brodd

A quick perspective puts the size of the conventional lead-acid battery somewhere between $30-40 billion, while the lithium ion market is estimated at $6 billion and doubling every year. And while interest in lithium tends to overshadow nickel metal hydride (NiMH), the latter will continue to play a strong roll in certain HEV applications, Brodd contends.

A quick technical comment about the quality of the video. Due to the low-light conditions in the Standard Club ballroom, where the event was held, the quality is marginal. We also made a concerted effort to capture as much of Dr. Brodd's slides as possible. The entire video is some 24 minutes in length and is a good introductory primer on modern battery technology and the developing automotive market.

EV World recorded the entire summit, all on MP3 and portions of it on video. We will webcast those presentations in the coming weeks.

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Published: 25-Jun-2008


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