Matthew Simmons is a successful energy investment banker
Matthew Simmons is a successful energy investment banker and author of 'Twilight in the Desert.' He is also a member of EV World's editorial advisory board.

America's Energy Wake Up Call

Investment banker Matt Simmons shocks the crew at Fast Money.

By EV World

Instead of a witch hunt, the world needs to be on the hunt for solutions to its growing energy problem, investment banker and author Matt Simmons told the cast of Fast Money. His remarks visibly shook them, as well they should.

Taken in the context of former-Vice President Al Gore's 17 July 2008 speech issuing the urgent call for an Apollo moon mission-like commitment to transition America's electric power grid -- and transportation system -- from its current heavy reliance on fossil fuels (coal and oil, primarily), Matthew Simmons' sobering remarks cast cold water on the temporary exuberance of the market in the wake of falling oil prices this week.

For an equally alarming interview, be sure to watch Robert Hirsch, also available on YouTube.

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Published: 18-Jul-2008


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