IIT Plug-in Ford Escape Hybrid requires no active thermal managment for its lithium ion battery pack
This Ford Escape Hybrid belonging to the city of Chicago utilizes lithium ion battery management systems developed by the Illinois Institute of Technology, giving it an electric-only range of 40 miles as a plug-in hybrid. Unlike other PHEV's, its lithium battery pack requires no active cooling systems, a world first.

Avoiding the Inferno

Illinois Institute of Technology's Said Al-Halaj on critical importance of lithium ion thermal management.

By EV World

"We don't want to make the front page for the wrong reason," said Said Al-Halaj at the 2008 ACG Advanced Automotive Battery Investment Summit. He explained that it 'scares' him when he sees developers and advocates for electric vehicles touting lithium ion batteries without understanding their inherit dangers.

"Let's take a step back and make sure we do it safely," he urged as he launched into his presentation on the need for careful, deliberate engineering of lithium ion battery management systems.

Said Al-Halaj earned his Bachelor and Master's degrees in chemical engineering from the University of Jordon, and his doctorate from the Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago where he continues to teach, write and research with his primary focus on energy storage, renewable energy and fuel cell systems.

In response to his convictions about the critical importance of carefully managing the flow of energy into and out of lithium ion batteries, he has developed a passive thermal management system that incases the individual 18650-type cells in a proprietary matrix that he is hoping to manufacture through his new start-up All Cell. That technology is in the Ford Escape Hybrid pictured above. It enabled ITT and its development partners to completely eliminate the need for an active battery cooling system, a World first for a plug-in hybrid.

You can listen to his entire presentation using either of the two MP3 players above or by downloading the 3.9 MB file to your computer for transfer to and playback on your favorite MP3 device.

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    Published: 20-Jul-2008


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