Paris Hilton
Paris Hilton has made a reputation for herself by pretty much letting it all hang out -- literally as well as figuratively -- but we decided most of the images we found on the 'Net probably weren't appropriate for this venue.... darn!

Paris Hilton For President?

This savvy little blonde knows something about energy policy and hybrid cars.

By EV World

With apologies to those stalwart puritans and mullahs among us who may take offense at a nearly-naked body, we here at EV World.com just had to share this humorous Funny or Die video featuring Paris Hilton.

Since John McCain's campaign sucked Ms. Hilton into the America political vortex by likening Barack Obama to Hollywood celebrities like Hilton -- gee, isn't that what Ronald Reagan, Arnold Schwarzenegger and the late Sonny Bono once were? -- implying that he lacks the necessary gravitas to be President, she decided to respond with her own "campaign video."

Despite how she is often portrayed -- frequently at her own instigation -- she does make some interesting comments about energy policy, renewable energy technology and hybrid vehicles, giving us an admittedly veneer-thin reason to post this video on EV World. But we're not going to look this gift horse in the mouth. Sex sells, folks.

Besides, a little levity goes a long way on this crazy, mixed-up planet.

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Published: 05-Aug-2008


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