T Boone Pickens at Lincoln, Ne Press Conference
After his town hall meeting, Billionaire businessman T. Boone Pickens conducted a press conference for local news media.

Boone Pickens Rides a Grassroots Whirlwind

Exclusive EV World video from 20 August 2008 townhall meeting in Lincoln, Nebaska

By EV World

"Don't have the idea that we can drill off the west coast and the east coast and ANWR in Alaska and solve the problem," billionaire T. Boone Pickens told the standing room-only crowd that had gathered to hear him at the Lancaster Event Center on the northeastern edge of Lincoln, the capital of Nebraska yesterday.

"We can't," he said candidly, pointing out that the United States uses 21 million barrels of oil a day -- a quarter of the planet's production -- while having only 3% of the total reserves.

Our appetite for oil, he contends, is costing the nation $700 billion annually that is flowing out of the country, in effect funding both sides of the war on terror by allowing the Middle East oil producers to, in essence, buy-off their Islamic radicals who, in turn, carry out their religious and political agendas elsewhere.

In order to immediately stanch the economic hemorrhage, he is proposing the rapid deployment of wind turbines across the breadth of the Great Plains, and the creation of high-tension electric power lines to carry the energy to the more populace midwest and coasts. Once wind power reaches 22%+ power being produced on the grid, we can then shift natural gas to the transportation sector, principally the logistics side: principally heavy trucks, which consume some 38% of all the petroleum used in the country.

He contends, based on newly discovered gas fields and technology, the country has sufficient natural gas supplies for nearly 90 years, but he cautions that this is still only a bridge technology to electric vehicles using batteries or hydrogen.

His call to action was to get the audience to sign pledge cards of support that he will take to Washington to convince Congress and the new Administration of the public's support for his Pickens Plan initiative. From Lincoln, he flew to Rapid City, South Dakota for a similar meeting, one of a dozen he's holding across the central plains.

The video is some 35 minutes long.

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Published: 21-Aug-2008


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