Tata Indica like that shipped to Norway for tests as an electric car
The Tata Indica four door sedan would be a logical platform for conversion to an all-electric car using Electrovaya SuperPolymer batteries, which have been used in several other vehicles including a Suzuki Tracker.

Electrovaya: Charged Up

Lithium Ion SuperPolymer battery developer and CEO, Sankar Das Gupta offers company update

By EV World

Today Electrovaya sent out a press release announcing it had renegotiated its agreement with Norway-based Miljobil to supply it with Lithium Ion SuperPolymer® battery technology. The batteries for the unnamed electric car will be manufactured in Norway; the car will be marketed globally.

The co-founder and CEO of company attended the ACG 2008 Advanced Automotive Battery Investment Conference, presenting during the afternoon session, which premium subscribers can listen to using either of the two MP3 players on this page. We have requested the company provide us with the accompanying Powerpoint presentation and as soon as they get it to us, we will link it to this article.

Electrovaya is somewhat unique among advanced battery makers in that it not only makes its own cells and assembles them into battery packs for computers, but it also manufactures its groundbreaking "Scribbler" computer.

The technology behind the Scribbler and the Powerpad can also be used to power motor vehicles, and that appears to be the direction the company is headed, first using it in a converted Suzuki Tracker. Most recently, it unveiled the Maya 300, a low-speed EV based on an imported Chinese smart car-like vehicle, which has been prominently featured in ExxonMobil television commercials. Electrovaya utilizes separator materials developed by an ExxonMobil Chemical Company subsidiary in Japan.

Previous news accounts include the Indian car maker Tata in the Electrovaya-Miljobil discussions, but it was not included in the most recent press release, which focuses primarily on production of the batteries in Norway.

In addition to the on-road EV market, the company is also applying its technology to off-road applications including turf management equipment for golf courses.

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Published: 03-Sep-2008


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