Think electric car assembly line in Norway
Think electric car assembly line in Norway. The company plans to incorporate EnerDel's lithium ion battery into Th!nk city EVs destined for North America and elsewhere as early as 2009.

EnerDel: Bucking the Offshore Battery Trend

EnerDel CEO Ulrik Grape briefs the ACG Advanced Automotive Battery Investment Summit.

By EV World

If there's a 'new kid' on the American advanced automotive battery block, it has to be EnerDel, a subsidiary of Ener1, whose recently acquired stock symbol is, appropriately enough, HEV.

In fact, if you cast about the neighborhood, EnerDel may be the only kid on the block, since virtually all other advanced -- meaning lithium ion chemistry -- battery production is done offshore in China, Japan and Korea. With the exception of ElectroEnergy, the president of which we'll be featuring in the near future as part of the ACG 2009 Advanced Automotive Battery Investment Summit series, this relative newcomer from Indianapolis, Indiana is -- to our knowledge -- the only large-format lithium ion battery manufacturer in the U.S.A. There are two lithium-based battery manufacturers in Canada, Electrovaya and Molicel.

It should also be noted that while Asian suppliers virtually dominate the market, EnerDel is only just now getting up to speed in terms of their production capacity and potential customers. In fact, the only announced client for their battery is Think Global in Norway, which has placed an order for $70 million worth of packs to power their Th!nk city electric car, pictured above.

Ulrik Grape, EnerDel's CEO discusses his company and allied divisions that include a nano technology R&D enterprise working on vapor deposition that can be applied to battery electrodes; and a fuel cell unit working on high-temperature membranes that may have future application in the automotive industry.

At the time of his presentation in Chicago in late June, 2008, the company had some 75 employees at its Indianapolis plant, with that number to grow to 110 or higher by the end of this year.

The company was formed as a joint venture between its Ener1 holding company and Delphi Automotive, which as since been bought out entirely by Ener1, which maintains close contacts with the Japanese lithium ion battery industry through yet another subsidiary.

Grape cites a report that projects the battery market for automotive applications could reach $160 billion by 2030. He also notes that besides their use in hybrids and electric vehicles, there is a promising market for energy storage, particularly solar and wind-generated power.

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Published: 12-Sep-2008


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