GM Volt fuel-cell variant diagram
Conceptual illustration of Volt fuel cell variant. The car is ultimately propelled by electrical power like the pre-production Volt, but with a battery pack that is half the size (8kWh). Estimated fuel economy would be equivalent to 75 mpg.

GM Panel: Transportation in the 21st Century

Experts panel on the future of mobility in GM's next century

By EV World

As part of its Centennial Celebration, which included the official unveiling of the Chevrolet Volt E-Flex extended-range electric car, General Motor's hosted an experts panel discussion on the future of transportation in the 21st Century.

Panel members include: Dr. Larry Burns, GM's VP, Research & Development; Dr. Mark Duval, EPRI; Dr. Don Hillebrand, ANL; John Gasesa, Casesa Shapiro Group, LLC; Chris Paine, director 'Who Killed the Electric Car?; and Joel Makower, Executive Editor Greener World Media, Inc., acting as moderator.

The topics and questions spanned a wide range of issues from discussions of the technology in the Volt to the current economic turmoil on Wall Street and its potential impact on the industry and consumers.

In response to a question about the viability of fuel cells in automotive applications, Dr. Burns and Argonne National Lab's Don Hillebrand conceded that the technology remains a longer term proposition that brings with it a host of issues from hydrogen production to fuel cell cost reductions. Yet is also provides the kind of power source needed to create fully-functioning electric drive vehicles that can effectively compete with current gasoline models, especially in "family-size" applications. Dr. Burns noted that the beauty of the E-Flex system is that can support various energy sources from ethanol to biodiesel to hydrogen, though not on the same vehicle. Ethanol might be the preferred choice in Brazil, biodiesel in America and hydrogen in France.

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Published: 16-Sep-2008


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