Chris Paine with Chelsea Sexton and Bill Moore
'Who Killed the Electric Car?' director Chris Paine (left) with one of the documentary's 'stars' Chelsea Sexton and EV World publisher Bill Moore (right) at Westwood Film Festival debut in 2006 of Paine's landmark film on the demise of the GM EV1 electric car.

Chris Paine on the Volt and Beyond

AirAmerica radio talk show host Ron Reagan interviews 'Who Killed the Electric Car?' director.

By EV World

Chris Paine, the acclaimed director of 'Who Killed the Electric Car?", sure does get around.

On Tuesday he was in Detroit for the official unveiling of the much-anticipated Chevy Volt E-Flex extended-range electric car. There he participated in an hour-long panel discussion you can listen to in its entirety on EV World.

Now on Thursday, September 18th, he's in Reykjavik, Iceland for a conference on electric transportation. It is here that Air America radio talk show host Ron Reagan -- as in the son of the former U.S. President of the same name -- interviewed him about his perspective on the launch of GM's Volt electric car. Is GM serious this time or is this just another public relations stunt? Reagan wanted to know.

As you'll hear from this nearly hour-long interview, Paine -- who is one of EV World's editorial advisors -- is cautiously optimistic that GM is, indeed, serious about producing the Volt, though he continues to harbor distrust of most carmakers.

AirAmerica quickly made the MP3 version of the interview available and we've taken the liberty of hosting here on EV World for our listeners/readers/viewers.

Ron Reagan - Air America

Despite Chris' careful explanations, both the host and a number of his callers still harbor numerous misconceptions about electric vehicle technology, its potential and its remaining challenges.

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Published: 18-Sep-2008


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