Polar Bear eats along Arctic shoreline devoid of ice
Global warming is not longer about saving polar bears, but saving the planet.

Tipping Point

Informative animation explains the risks of climate reaching its tipping point.

By EV World

Despite much lip service to reducing the planet's emission of greenhouse gases, carbon dioxide emissions continue to rise, with China accounting for 60 percent of the growth. The United States is now the second largest emitter.

CO2 concentrations are now at 383 ppm -- the highest level in the last 650,000 years -- but are expected to rise to 450 ppm by 2030, a full decade ahead of scientist's predictions. That sets the planet on track for at least a 2° C increase in average global temperatures.

The potential consequences of this sharp rise in temperature is highlighted in the the following video, which we hope you'll share with family and friends.

For more on the 2007 rise in carbon emissions, see www.globalcarbonproject.com.

ADDENDUM: Author Bill McKibben's most recent talk on global warming. Click Here for MP3 recording

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Published: 30-Sep-2008


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