Close up of Pininfarina B0 battery electric car
Pininfarina's B0 (Zero) is a collaborate effort with battery maker Bollore. The company dedicated the car to its recently deceased head, Andrea Pininfarina who was a 'firm believer in the project.' The partners promise to have the first production models coming off their assembly line at the end of 2009.

The Electric Cars of Paris

Virtual Mondial de l' Automobile

By EV World

Paris is universally known as the "City of Lights" and this week the brightest lights at the Mondial de l' Automobile were the electric cars that stole the show, especially EVs from small, independent companies as far away as South Africa where Cape Town-based Optimal Energy introduced their six-passenger Joule.

We at EV World decided to assemble our own 'virtual' car show featuring many, if not all, of the battery electric cars that debuted this year. Enjoy.

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Published: 04-Oct-2008


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