UPENN's Steinberg Hall and Dietrich Hall
The Steinberg-Deitrich Halls on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania was the site of the Net Impact conference featuring an experts panel discussion on electric car commercialization.

Bringing Electric Cars to the Mass Market - Part 1

First of series of videos from Wharton School Net Impact conference panel on electric cars,.

By EV World

It seems somehow fitting that the home of the fictional "never-say-die" boxer "Rocky Balboa" should also be the setting of a panel discussion on a similarly down-and-out-but-undaunted "hero", the electric car, which time and circumstances have again trust into the ring against the long-reigning champ: the internal combustion engine automobile.

On November 14, 2008 four experts gathered on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania in downtown Philadelphia and its famed Wharton School to discuss the issues confronting the mass market introduction of electric cars. The panel consisted of Vicki Northrup, the operations manager for Think North America; Charles Gassenheimer, the Chairman and CEO of Ener1; and Mike Granoff, the head of Oil Independence Policy for Better Place. Moderating the panel was J. William Moore, the publisher and editor in chief of EV World. Organizing and coordinating the panel was Jordan Elpern-Waxman, a second-year MBA candidate from Wharton, whose tireless efforts over the summer made the entire effort run smoothly.

Because the entire panel program was some 90 minutes in length, we have divided it into more easily "digestible" segments starting with Mr. Moore's introductory comments. This segment is some 5 minutes in length. Introductions by the other three panelists follow, as will the longer question and answer sessions.

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Published: 17-Nov-2008


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