Bronze sculpture of Benjamin Franklin on UPenn campus.
Life-sized bronze sculpture of Benjamin Franklin on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania. The 18th century author and statesman who helped father the United States -- is also considered the founding father of the study of electricity, setting in motion the science behind the electric car.

Bringing Electric Cars to the Mass Market - Part 4

Manager for oil independence policy Michael Granoff on the vision behind Better Place.

By EV World Television

When EV World's publisher asked for a showing of hands how many of the MBA students attending the experts panel of "Bringing Electric Cars to the Mass Market" had heard of Project Better Place, half the hands in the audience went up.

Israeli-born Shai Agassi's innovative business concept of removing the battery from the electric car ownership conundrum has already gained significant mindshare among MBA hopefuls gathered in Philadelphia for the 2008 Net Impact conference on the campus of the University of Pennsylvania, the patron saint of which is Ben Franklin.

From Better Place's perspective, the battery that drives the electric car is part of the charging infrastructure, not the automobile. This way, the consumer doesn't have to worry about it 'wearing out' or running out charge. Better Place assumes that liability... and opportunity, explains Mike Granoff, who is not only the California start-up's manager for oil independence policy -- meaning he does a lot of lobbying in Congress -- but also the man who organized the first $100 million in capital for Project Better Place but also brought together Agassi and Israel Corporation head Idan Ofer, who also would invest another $100 million in the idea.

Three countries have signed on: Israel, Denmark and Australia, with more to follow, Granoff assures EV World.

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Published: 17-Nov-2008


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