Young lady tries out Esarati Motorbike
When Esarati showed up in Washington, D.C. recently to demonstrate two of their newest electric-powered motorbikes, Wallace Rumbarger was on hand to give them a spin. What he discovered surprised him.

Esarati Motorbikes Offer Responsible Fun At Affordable Price

Esarati Electric Motorcycle test drive in Washington DC.

By Wallace Rumbarger

NOTE: Prices as quoted in this article were correct at the time this article was originally written. Check the Esarati web site for current prices on their vehicles.

I am generally perceived to be knowledgeable about motorcycles. I have ridden motorcycles of widely differing sizes (50-1600cc) on four continents (North & South America, Australia, and Asia).

When I attended a demonstration of Esarati Electric Technologies Corp. (www.esarati.com) two newest electric motorcycles, I had certain preconceived notions about limited power, speed and range. I was pleasantly surprised.

Esarati CEO (George Ninkovich) VP Manufacturing Dennis Olson and VP Business Admin Jennifer YI were on hand to answer questions and offer instructions.

The smallest Esarati is the 200 known as the "Firefly". Two twelve-volt batteries power this motorcycle. This 24-volt system runs a 3hp motor and powers this machine to a top speed of 33mph. The quoted range is 50 miles. . I am used to downtown couriers zipping by on similarly sized machines and having them buzzing like a swarm of angry bees. The Firefly moves quickly and silently through the streets. It is designed for one rider in the 100-150lb-weight range. I weigh twice the rated capacity and it had no problem zipping my bulk up a steep hill. If your intended use will be in an urban setting, then I would not hesitate to recommend the Firefly. I can foresee a fleet of couriers gliding through the city without generating either pollution or noise. Price as tested is $2,395.

The 300 is a slightly larger two seater with 3 twelve-volt batteries (36 volts). It has the same 3hp motor and 50 mile range as the Firefly, but a 50-mph top speed. The styling reminds me of the classic European "step-through" scooter. The 300 is just as silent as the Firefly, and with the extra speed and passenger capability would make an excellent commuter option. Price as tested $2,995

There is another Esarati soon to be available, the 400 Blackhawk. I did not have the opportunity to test this machine, but the specs and styling look awesome. The Blackhawk is a two-passenger 48-volt Power train with a top speed of 60mph and a 60-mile range. It is currently (no pun intended) in preproduction and should be available in summer 2001. List price $3,795

All Esarati machines recharge fully in 4-6 hours from 110-volt current through on-board chargers. The cord is housed in a retractable reel under the seat. The batteries are rated at 600 recharge cycles, which would be almost 2 years if you recharged every day. Esarati provides a 1-year warranty on Power Train covering full cost of parts and labor. Extended additional 1 or 2 year warranties are available through your Esarati Dealer.

Having limited scheduled maintenance is a big plus (tire pressure and battery connections are the only two I can think of). So if you are interested in Electric Vehicles, motorcycles, or both check out the Esarati line-up.

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Published: 24-Mar-2001


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