Chevy Volt electric car
Despite speculation to the contrary, General Motors did participate in the LA Auto Show and brought with them one of four styling models of the extended range electric car, the Chevy Volt.

Mr. Boniface's Volt

Volt Design Director Bob Boniface at the LA Auto Show

By Bill Moore

You can't help liking Bob Boniface. He's personable and clearly on top of his game as an automotive designer.

I first met him last Spring at GM's Warren, Michigan design facility where he was overseeing the styling of the Chevrolet Volt E-Flex range-extended electric car. As a milling machine slowly shaved sliver of clay from the life-sized model of the car, which GM carefully kept under wraps, Boniface allowed me to pick up a few of the shavings as a souvenir. That tiny cube of reddish brown clay sits here in my desk.

I was delighted to find him -- and his colleagues -- sitting around a breakfast table on opening Press Day at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Rumor had it that GM wasn't going show because of its shakey financial position. Their presence meant I'd finally get a chance to see -- and sit in -- the much acclaimed and hotly-debated Volt.

While the bulk of the automotive press clustered around the Nissan Pavillion, my Team EV World colleagues and I strolled over to the GM display to get our first look at the Volt. It was there I took the opportunity to shoot the video you see here.

I'll share with you my impressions of the Volt in a separate article. For now, I'll let Boniface tell his story in his own words. Also look for a forthcoming video with Britta Gross on her role at GM working to help foster government incentives and charging infrastructure for plug-in cars like the Volt.

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Published: 22-Nov-2008


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