AC Propulsion conversion of Toyota Scion xB
AC Propulsion converted this Toyota Scion xB to all-electric. It's drive system, which is also used in the BMW Mini E electric conversion, generates 200+ hp, has industry-leading regenerative breaking, and vehicle-to-grid charging capability, a feature that may be incorporated into next generation Better Place electric cars.

Q&A: Bringing Electric Cars to the Mass Market - Part 1

Part 5 of 8 part series from Wharton School's expert panel on electric cars.

By EV World

With the introductions out of the way [see links below], the "Bringing Electric Cars to the Mass Market" experts panel began addressing specific questions posed by EV World's publisher, Bill Moore, and then from the attendees, made up largely of MBA students from across the United States.

Mr. Moore's first question asked which of the drivers -- environment, oil addiction, energy security -- where the strongest in propelling the transition to electric-drive vehicles? This was followed up by dealing with the question of just how clean are electric cars since much of America's electric power is generated by the combustion of massive amounts of coal?

The panels are, from left to right, Michael Granoff with Better Place, Vicki Northrup with Think North America, and Charles Gassenheimer, the President and CEO of Ener1.

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    Published: 24-Nov-2008


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