Senior GM executives at official rollout of prepoduction Chevy Volt
General Motors executives, Rick Wagoner, Bob Lutz and Fritz Henderson at official reveal of the Chevrolet Volt extended-range electric car. Dr. Werbos see cars like the Volt as critical to eliminating our dependence on petroleum.

Two Steps to Total Oil Independence

Dr. Paul Werbos sees flex-fuels and plug-in hybrids as road to independence.

By EV World Television

Speaking at the Set America Free "Energy Freedom Summit" in Chicago in late October 2009, Dr. Paul Werbos asserted tweaks to fuel efficiency are simply bleeding us to death. A program director with the National Science Foundation, he calls this a risky strategy. He believes its not only possible to do better than the equivalent of 500 miles per gallon of gasoline, but to virtually do away with gasoline entirely through two key technologies: G.E.M. fuels and plug-in and electric vehicles.

What are "G.E.M." fuels? Gasoline, ethanol and methanol.

Citing an IEEE article, Werbos contends "hybrids cut liquid fuel use by 50% and plug-ins cut 50% of that."

"Researchers have show PHEVs offering an electric range of 32 km will yield a 50% reduction."

This means that we need supply only 25% of our current petroleum usage by switching to G.E.M. fuel-flexible cars derived from non-food biomass resources.

Werbos' PowerPoint slides are available on his web site.

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Published: 26-Nov-2008


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