Panasonic Oxyride EV
192 Panasonic AA Oxyride batteries powered its one-man racer to break the Guiness world speed record for an electric car running on standard batteries. The top speed was 75.8 mph. Panasonic's efforts to acquire Sanyo will give it global dominance in NiMH and potentially lithium battery markets.

Q&A: Bringing Electric Cars to the Mass Market - Part 4

Part 8 of 8 part series from Wharton School's expert panel on electric cars.

By EV World Television

In the concluding segment of the Bringing Electric Cars to the Mass Market panel question and answer session, Charles Gassenheimer and Michael Granoff are queries about the current playing field for advanced automotive battery manufacture, the economic viability of the renewable energy aspect component of Better Place's business model, and the practicality of vehicle-to-grid technology.

In response to the electric car battery playing field, Ener1 CEO and President Charles Gassenheimer cautions that Panasonic's quest for Sanyo is quietly creating the "800 pound gorilla" of this market space. Panasonic, by itself, controls 90% of the NiMH battery market for hybrids, through its partnership with Toyota, which the latter now largely controls. Similar consolidation is taking place in the lithium battery space with Robert Bosch aligning with Sanyo, Johnson Controls forming its JSC venture with Saft and GE's investment in Think, which helps fund EnerDel's battery development for the Norse carmaker.

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