One of ten Mini Coopers previewed to the media at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverly Hills, California prior to the LA Auto Show. A total of 500 Mini E's have been converted into electric cars for a one-year test program in southern California and in the metro New York City area.

Mini E: AC Propulsion Inside

AC Propulsion president Tom Gage talks with EV World about electrifying the BMW Mini E

By EV World Television

Tom Gage and the employees at AC Propulsion are some of the 'unsung heroes' of the electric car frontier. Their t-Zero demonstrated it was feasible to power a small, electric car 300 miles on finger-sized laptop computer batteries. They adapted that approach to converting Toyota Scion xB gasoline vehicles to all-electric with more 100 miles of driving range, selling their first version to actor/producer Tom Hanks.

Now that very same technology is powering 500 electric versions of BMW's Mini Cooper, called the Mini E. In this exclusive EV World interview, Gage talks about the background of how the Mini E project came about, as well as AC Propulsion's business activities in Asia, including building their drive system in Shanghai.

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    Published: 10-Dec-2008


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