Committed: Automotive X Prize Progress Report

Director of Team Development & Relations Julie Zona gives X Prize progress report

By EV World Television

The Ansari X Prize saw the first private spacecraft - Spaceship One -- reach the edge of space... twice within a two week window, lured there by the prospects of a $10 million prize.

Now the Progressive Insurance Automotive X Prize seeks to accomplish something nearly as daunting: development of a commercially manufacturable passenger vehicle that can achieve the equivalent of 100 mpg.

More than 120 teams have expressed their interest in the competition by submitting "letters of intent" and during the recent Los Angeles Auto Show, the Automotive X Prize announced that 22 of those teams had filed their formal applications, including a $5000 entry fee.

In this exclusive EV World Televisions video, Julie Zonal, who is the X Prize's director of team development and relations gives an update on the current status of the competition, which includes two separate classes of vehicles including traditional designs, as well as more unconventional approaches like the Aptera Typ1 or Zap Alias, both two-place, tricycle, electric vehicles.

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Published: 27-Dec-2008


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