GM employees rally at 2009 NAIAS
In a show of support, GM employees hold noisy rally as new vehicles debut during official opening press conference at the opening of the 2009 North American International Auto Show.

Defending GM - Part 2

Part 2 of three-part Q&A session with GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner

By EV World Television

Defending GM - Part One

Dr. Lyle Dennis, the New York City physician who started the GM-Volt.com web site, leads off this segment by asking GM Chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner how he reconciles the need for GM to return to profitability when it is basing much of its future on the Volt, car that will be expensive to produce in small volumes and with little profit margin.

Wagoner responds by noting that initially, the Volt is being viewed somewhat as an R&D project, and that GM has to invest in the future, adding that this was part of the flaw in management's thinking about the EV1 electric car, which GM abandoned in early 2000.

Additional questions include the fate of various GM brands from Buick to Hummer to Saturn, to contention that GM has lost its design edge and that Bob Lutz is not a designer. The final question follows up by asking if Wagoner is surprised by the amount of vitriol expended at his company on the Internet.

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Published: 28-Jan-2009


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