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Cover of revised 2008 edition of "Build Your Own Electric Vehicle."

Build Your Own Electric Vehicle

Interview with Seth Leitman, the co-author of Bob Brant's revised classic.

By EV World

Respected publishing giant McGraw Hill first published Bob Brant's tome, Build Your Own Electric Vehicle in 1994. Much to their amazement, it continued to sell year after year, not large numbers, but sufficient to keep it in print.

However, it also became increasingly outdated, so nearly 15 years after they first released the book, McGraw Hill decided to update it. Sadly, Brant had died, so they needed to find someone else to author the revised edition and here they turned to Seth Leitman, a close relation of famed humorist Art Buchwald, to take on the task.

In this 31-minute EV World "Future in Motion" podcast, we talk with Leitman about why McGraw Hill editors picked him. It turns out that the New Yorker has a long and impressive track record in alternative fuel vehicle technologies, running the gamut from hybrid electric transit bus fleets to electric station car programs. More importantly, he knew the right questions of ask and who to tap to help with the nitty-gritty technology of converting gasoline engine cars and trucks to electric vehicles.

Fortunately, despite the vicissitudes of commercial electric car production over the last thirty years since the oil shocks of the 1970s, there has remained a small, but vibrant nucleus of EV afficiondos who have kept the flame burning on the EV candle. From used aircraft engine generators and forklift motors to custom-wound, state-of-the-art control, they have tinkered and experimented with every conceivable approach possible -- and financially affordable.

And with the coming of the Internet, their network began to grow, creating a steady demand for books like Build Your Own Electric Vehicle and Convert It. [EV World now hosts its own DIY Gallery to highlight these pioneeers.]

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Published: 03-Feb-2009


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