GM Vehicle Line Manager Tony Posawatz
GM Vehicle Line Manager Tony Posawatz is charged with bring the Chevrolet Volt from concept to production by 2010.

Keeping the Volt On Track, On Time

GM Vehicle Line Manager Tony Posawatz at the 2009 NAIAS

By EV World Television

Talk about a tough audience! It seems that nothing General Motors does to demonstrate its serious intent to bring to the market electric car technology that leap frogs the competition will dissuade the doubters.

Concept cars come and concept cars go. Prototype mules are just that, prototypes. And public relations announcements are no more substantive than the paper they are printed on.

So, how does GM's Tony Posawatz deal with not only the technological challenges of bringing the Volt to production by 2010, but the legion of naysayers and skeptics who see everything his company is doing as just so much 'smoke 'n mirrors'?

By pressing on, as he reveals in this 12:45 minute dialogue with EV World publisher, Bill Moore during the 2009 North American International Auto Show in January. The conversation begins with his discussing the impact on the Volt program of GM's announcement that it is going into the electric car battery manufacturing business.

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Published: 15-Feb-2009


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