Ford Europe iosisMAX concept car from 2009 Geneva Auto Show
Ford Europe iosisMAX concept car from 2009 Geneva Auto Show utilizes an auto-stop-start system to reduce its overall emissions.

Ford iosis MAX Is Minimal Hybrid

Ford's pragmatic glimpse of the future of multi-activity-vehicles.

By EV World

Ford Motor Company's European design studio will roll out the third concept vehicle in its iosis design family at the Geneva auto show. The iosis MAX is defined as a multi-activity vehicle or MAV by Ford and hints at the direction it sees its Global C-segment platform going in the future.

The car is powered by new 1.6-liter, EcoBoost 4-cylinder gasoline engine that features turbocharging and direct injection, giving the car an estimated 20 percent better fuel economy than similar-sized engine.

Despite having world-class hybrid technology in its Escape and Fusion line of vehicles in America, Ford Europe opted instead to go the mild hybrid route incorporating a new Auto-Start-Stop system with an "intelligent" alternator. Mated to the IC engine is a six-speed, automated manual gear box. Ford reports that in simulations the concept vehicle produces just 125 grams of CO2 per kilometer driven.

The designers gave attention to how the vehicle would be used in Europe where parking is tight and often at a premium. By utilizing rear-sliding doors akin to those found on American mini-vans, entrance and egress from the vehicle is improved, especially with the elimination of the classic B-pillar.

To improve the efficiency of the vehicle, the designers utilized lightweight materials including carbon fiber seats, advanced aerodynamics and narrow, 19-inch wheels. The rear seats can be removed, allowing for the installation of specialized fittings such as bicycle carriers.

Two additional innovations improve the overall performance of the iosis MAX: active front cooling ducts that can be closed to reduce drag and an "advanced rear wing design" to help smooth out rear air turbulence, the biggest source of fuel economy-robbing drag on any vehicle.

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Published: 03-Mar-2009


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