Ford Tourneo Connect Concept BEV
The Ford Tourneo Connect Concept BEV is a collaboration with Smith Electric Vehicles, which already sells electric versions of the Ford Transit Connect delivery van in Europe.

This Ford EV is Order Book-Ready

Ford sees the Tourneo Connect BEV Concept as a great taxi and shuttle.

By EV World

It's called the Ford Tourneo Connect. It is, for now, only a concept vehicle but according to Ford and Smith Electric, with whom the lithium-ion battery electric Transit Connect van was co-developed, it could be rolled out fairly quickly, depending on customer interest.

Ford is already committed to introducing the electric Transit Connect delivery van in 2010 in North America. It will be the first of two more follow-on electric-drive vehicles. In 2011, an electric version of the next generation Focus will debut, followed by a plug-in hybrid in 2012.

The Tourneo Connect defers from the Transit version in that it has rear passenger seats, which Ford believes will make it ideal as a taxi and shuttle service in urban environments. It has a 21kWh lithium ion battery pack that powers a 50kW permanent magnet motor connected to a single-speed transmission. Smith Electric Vehicles estimates the range will be up to 160km (100 miles) and a top speed of 113 km/h (70 mph).

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Published: 11-Mar-2009


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