Toyota unveils 1998 Prius at 1997 Tokyo Auto Show
Former Toyota President Hiroshi Okuda poses with first generation Prius at 1997 Tokyo Auto Show. This car would be harbinger for future electrification of personal transportation.

Five Electrifying Rides

EV World's Bill Moore speaks at 2009 Omaha Earth Day celebration

By EV World Podcast

Elmwood Park, in the center of Omaha, straddles the southern edge of the University of Nebraska at Omaha campus. For years it has been the site of the city's annual Earth Day celebration. Some years, the weather is glorious in late April and others are... well, this year was one of those off years with cool temperatures and occasional drizzle. It was just enough to dampen attendance, but still a surprising number of vendors, organizations and visitors turned out to make it worthwhile going.

This year I had a special reason to attend: I was one of the invited speakers. I had 20-minutes to talk and despite there being only a handful of people milling about as I started, more people drifted in to hear what I had to say. By the time I'd finished some 16-minutes later, the group had grown to couple dozen or so.

Taking my cue from the folks at CalCars and Jim Woolsey, I brought along a prop, a short, yellow 'dongle' of an extension cord. You can listen to my speech using either of the two MP3 players at the right. During my talk, I highlighted five electric-drive vehicles: the Toyota Prius, Richard Hatfield's Lightning scooter prototype, AC Propulsion's eBox, Honda's FCX Clarity and Amtrak's Acela high-speed electric train, four of which is depicted below. The Prius is featured above.

Lightning Motorcycles' prototype scooter.

Tom Hanks accepts keys from Tom Gage for eBox conversion

Bill Moore with Honda FCX Clarity in Los Angeles neighborhood

Pair of Acela HSR trains in New York City

EVWORLD Future In Motion Podcast

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Published: 25-Apr-2009


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