A pair of bears from antique merry-go-round at Bear Mountain State Park, New York
Nissan EV-02 'is not the final design' repeated the company's North American director of product development, Mark Perry, over and over again. The EV-02 is, as its markings indicate, a 'test car' intended to prove the electric drive system and not what the production car will look like. That will likely come later this year.

Nissan EV-02 Photo Essay

Collection of photos from Nissan's New York City press briefing.

By Bill Moore

Nissan USA generously invited -- and paid for -- my trip to New York City for the final press briefing on their electric car initiative. They arranged for me to fly nonstop into Laguardia, have access to a press fleet loaner car, and be provided with two nights lodgings in a Holiday Inn Express. It was an offer I just couldn't refuse.

Wanting to make the most of the trip, I arranged to visit my daughter who is on the research faculty at Rutgers University, as well as meet with Ener1 Chairman Charles Gassenheimer and have dinner with Dr. Robert Bell, the chairman of the economics department at Brooklyn College, the author of "The Green Bubble," and a member of EV World's editorial advisory board. I also managed an all-too-brief tour of sections of the American Museum of Natural History across from Central Park; something I have wanted to do for decades.

But the primary focus of the trip was Nissan's final press briefing held some 40 miles north of the city at Bear Mountain State Park, along the Hudson River. Video of Mark Perry's briefing is available on the article entitled, Nissan's EV Future: A Shared Vision?.

Clicking the 35mm slide icon below will launch an 18-image photo essay from my whirlwind trip, including photos of the EV-02, the venue at Bear Mountain, several photos from the American Museum of Natural History and a couple photos from Time Square. I trust you'll find them enjoyable.

And here's a big thank you to Nissan USA for making the trip possible and for helping all of us realize an EV World.

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Published: 13-May-2009


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