Third Times the Charm

Video demonstration of 2010 Toyota Prius auto-parking option

By EV World Television

In late February 2009, Toyota brought two "waves" of journalists to Napa Valley, California to test drive the new 2010 Prius. EV World reported on that event shortly after the trip, in compliance with Toyota embargoes.

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  • One piece of information that we didn't publish at the time is the above video in which a Toyota engineer attempts to demonstrate the new Prius' automatic parking. Somewhat embarrassingly, it took him three tries, the last of which is featured in the video.

    Apparently, the driver in question was more familiar with an earlier version of the parking program, one that required a few more steps than the new version in the 2010 Prius. Once, he got the hang of it, it worked great, as you can see in the video.

    While this is a nice feature to have, the need to park parallel anywhere anymore in our world of shopping malls and parking garages seem fewer and farther between.

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    Published: 11-Jun-2009


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