Bill Wallace explains Volt battery technology.
Bill Wallace explains Chevrolet Volt battery technology during 8 June 2009 media tour in Warren, Michigan.

Back in the Battery Biz

Bill Wallace briefs visiting journalists on Volt battery pack.

By EV World Television

General Motors sold its interest in GM-Ovonics some nine years ago, officially ending its six year foray into nickel metal hydride battery production for its EV1 and S10 electric vehicles of the late 1990s.

The renovation and expansion of its battery lab, displacing the former engine test facility at its Warren, Michigan Tech Center, seems a clear demonstration of its intent to get back into the battery business in a serious way. [See also: GM Battery Lab Factoids].

In this video, Bill Wallace discusses the brief history of the development of the Volt battery pack, which is now in its fifth design iteration. The battery in the foreground is a production-ready prototype, one of at least a dozen scattered about the laboratory, which itself occupies the equivalent to seven basketball courts for some 33,000 square feet.

The audio in this video features ambient fan noise, but is listenable, though we recommend you turn down the volume on your computer for best results.

This is one of the best briefs yet on GM's new battery technology.

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Published: 19-Jun-2009


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