The Entrepreneur

Documentary on Malcolm Bricklin's quest to start his third car company

By EV World

For six brief months, Malcolm Bricklin was riding high. He had signed an exclusive North American distribution agreement with Chery, the Chinese carmaker. It had been a hard fought campaign that more than once came within a hair's breadth of collapsing into insolvency.

The documentary, 'The Entrepreneur' chronicles Bricklin's struggle to get back into the car business in a really big and spectacular way, after three previous runs at it in the form of Subaru (a success), Bricklin (a failure) and Yugo (a near miss). In the 1990's he had partnered with Malcolm Currie to bring out the Warrior electric bicycle ... another failure. But it was one of their ads in Business Week magazine the summer of 1997 that eventually led to the creation of EV World.

Bricklin has succeeded and failed in business and relationships. He's been married four times and this film, shot and produced by his son Jonathan, largely explains why. He's a hard-driving, never-take-no-for-an-answer, plain speaking, do-it-my-way-or-the-highway, kind of guy. And as you'll see, he's willing to do anything -- including taking the shirt off his back - to make the deal happen.

This will be one of the more entertaining ninety-one minutes your likely to spend this week. Love him or hate him, Bricklin is a force of nature that I have had the pleasure to interview and huge relief to never have worked for.

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Published: 26-Jul-2009


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