Volt's OnStar Connection

Exclusive EV World Television video on OnStar's EV Lab

By EV World Television

Some five million GM customers use OnStar, the cellular radio-based telematics system that provides a host of value-added subscription services from remote vehicle diagnostics, to turn-by-turn directions, to emergency services notification.

Now it's being used to help in the development of the Chevrolet Volt Extended-Range Electric Vehicle. To date, some 19 of the 80 pre-production series hybrid electric cars have been equipped with the standard OnStar system and programmed to enable GM engineers to monitor the performance of the vehicle from afar. It recently was used to track some of the eight vehicles that took part in last week's six state road trip from Detroit down to West Virginia, Maryland and back.

General Motors invited a number of journalists to visit the newly opened OnStar EV Lab in the basement of the company's downtown headquarters tower complex, where Tim Nixon, VP for OnStar engineering introduced Dana Fecher, OnStar Core Technology manager, who explains in this video how and why OnStar is being used to help develop the Volt.

This video is broken into several segments to enable archiving on multiple hosting platforms including YouTube and Viddler, as well as Blip.TV.

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Published: 23-Oct-2009


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