Plug-In Vehicles: How To Crank Up the Numbers

Opening plenary session panel at Business of Plugging In conference

By Ev World Television

Electric Drive Transportation Association president Brian Wynne moderates this panel discussion featuring representatives from the utility industry, advanced battery manufacturing, Better Place and the U.S. Army to discuss a national strategy for fostering the successful introduction of plug-in, electric-drive vehicles.

Present on the panel are David W. Joos, the President and CEO of CMS, the parent holding company for Michigan utility Consumer Energy. Seated to his left is David Vieau, who is the President and CEO of lithium ion battery maker A123 Systems, which recently launched an successful IPO on Wall Street. Michael Granoff heads up Maniev Capital and raised the first $100 million dollars for Shai Agassi's much-discussed and debated Project Better Place. Granoff is Better Place's Head of Oil Independence Policies.

The last panelist to make his introduction and the first to take a question from Wynne is Paul Skalny, the Director of the National Automotive Center, Tank Automotive Research, Development and Engineering Center (TARDEC), located in Warren, Mi.

The theme of the plenary session was developing a national strategy to ensure the successful introduction of plug-in, electric-drive vehicles from the perspective of interested stakeholders.

This plenary session is divided into multiple segments, each between 9-12 minutes in length, starting with panel moderator Wynne's opening comments. To view all of the segments in sequence and in this window, click on the Open Book icon at the bottom of the Blip.TV video player window and then select Episodes. The entire session runs well over an hour.

Also be sure to view the opening keynote panel discussion featuring former-New York State Governor George Pataki, PG&E head Peter Darbee and General Motors VP for Global Product Development John Lauckner.

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Published: 28-Oct-2009


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