Denmark's Electric Car Dreams

PBS series profiles DONG and Better Place aims to get Denmark off oil.

By PBS Now

PBS correspondent David Brancaccio travels to Denmark, site of the upcoming Copenhagen Climate Change Conference (COP 15), to explore what the Danes are doing to get off of oil in their transportation fleet. He talks with officials from DONG (Danish Oil and Natural Gas) that is the country's leading wind power generator and their plans to use that electricity to power fleets of electric car. Initially those cars are going to come from U.S.-based Better Place.

Brancaccio goes for a ride in one of Better Place's Nissan-developed electric car prototypes and talks with founder Shai Agassi. The lesson behind this 23:50 minute program is that electric cars have a role to play in controlling climate change. He even gets a turn in a Tesla his crew found by chance in Copenhagen.

Also check out the interview with our friend Alexandra Paul.

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Published: 02-Nov-2009


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